Lessa Millet

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Lessa Millet was born in Barcelona. After attending Art High School she majored in Editing and Sound at CECC (Centre d’Estudis Cinematographics de Catalunya) film school. She worked as a graphic designer for a year before moving to New York in 2007 to pursue a career as an animator and director. She curates an ongoing, narrative photography project where she commissions work from photographers all over the world called 27exposures. She enjoys documenting her life and travels with a Super 8 camera, which gives her the opportunity to shoot film, a rare treat these days. For the past 10 years she has been making series of themed line drawings depicting gay iconography, such as sailors, and pictures taken in cruising spots, stills from movies and more recently personal heroes including film makers, writers and musicians.



Lessa Millet
André Malraux
Ink on paper
12" x 9"


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