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Royal Pet Portrait Coaster
Royal Parrot Coaster, Unique coasters, parrots, royal pets.
Royal Pet Portrait Coaster
Animal coasters parrot on pink on a colorful tablescape at Collyer's Mansion
Royal Coasters, Unique coasters, royal pets.
Royal Pet Portrait Coaster
Royal Coaster, Unique coasters, royal pets.

Collyer's Mansion Collection

Royal Pet Portrait Coaster


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Beautifully curated and designed, each fantastical coaster brings a world of color and charm to your space. Sold as a set of 6, the Royal Pet Portraits work wonderfully on their own or paired with our other Collyer's Mansion Collection coaster designs. Your home will thank you.

Measures: 4" dia
Materials: Birch wood laminate with protective melamine coating and cork back
Sold individually as a single coaster by pet

Collyer's Mansion Collection + Carly Beck is a line of cheerful, whimsical home accessories created with Los Angeles-based artist Carly Beck.