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The Longer You Stay, The More You See!

Innate curiosity is within all of us as we set out in hope for that exciting moment of discovery. We can be transported in far away lands or right around the corner. Open a door, step inside, and revel in delight. Seek and ye shall find!
Create a daily life punctuated with little bursts of joy - a plushy carpet underfoot, a coffee cup handle that fits just so, a pop of color that always makes you smile…these are the mini celebrations threaded throughout our days.
With boundless enthusiasm and an optimistic spirit we are propelled into the world eager to discover, share, learn, and grow! The glass is not merely half full, it is overflowing!
Our homes are embroidered with our personal narrative - where we have been, where we are going, and ultimately express who we are. They hold life’s accumulation, pieces that serve both our interests and needs, and collections that provide inspiration and comfort.


Opened in Brooklyn in 2012, Collyer’s Mansion provides a curated and eclectic collection of items from makers both local and far-flung. Our finds include eco-friendly furniture, vibrant textiles, original artwork, handmade jewelry, and more. Sophisticated and timeless, our pieces are suited for everyday living, yet double as works of art!