12' Exto Fog with USB

12' Exto Fog with USB by Conway Electric

Feast your aesthetically attuned eyes on the Exto, the most beautiful extension cord and power source we have ever seen!  Unfortunately, not every technological accessory in our lives is wireless.  Tidy up your cables and feel free to display them in the open with any one of the colorful Extos in our shop.

Color: Matte dark grey housing with black outlets and grey and black cord
Measures: 12 feet
Capacity: 2 outlets + 2 USB ports with Smart Chip functionality
Materials: 16-gauge industrial cord impervious to oil and water, cotton cord cover, 3-brass-prong, large diameter rubber plug, and cast-aluminum housing and stainless steel cover
Contains four mounting holes on the underside so that it can be fix-mounted to almost any surface

Smart Chip: When the USB is plugged in, the Smart Chip senses the connected device and sends it the most power to charge as fast as possible. Once your device is fully charged (100%), the Exto USB port shuts off to protect the battery from overcharge (a primary cause for battery life reduction). This preserves battery capacity and extends device life.



Conway Electric started in Boulder, Colorado as a way to make extension cords more convenient, safe, and attractive. Their products are made in their factory in the US with the hope of bringing safer, more practical, and higher quality electric accessories you can count on.

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