Chrysoprase Studs

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Studs that stand out! This pair of gorgeous green Chrysoprase gemstones in 14k gold is the perfect combination of color and elegance.

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Measures: approx. 0.25"dia

Materials: Chrysoprase and 14k yellow gold

The gemstone for each earring is handpicked by Liz and each earring is handmade. They are generally a rounded egg-ish shape but each is slightly different and special in its look - we think that makes them so much cooler.

Sold as a pair

Liz Phillips is a Brooklyn-based jewelry designer with a passion for the beauty of gemstones. Whether pairing gems to create unexpected color combinations or exploring the extraordinary visual properties of stones like opal and labradorite, Liz seeks to highlight and celebrate the innate beauty of these natural marvels. She selects each stone by hand for every piece of jewelry she creates.

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