Sage Green Taper Candles

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Size 9in

Hailing from Maine, the candlemakers combine old-world techniques with a blend of beeswax, other premium waxes, and dyes to create a rainbow of hues for your taper candle needs. Unscented and solid color throughout, it is the successive layering in the artful dipping process that assures a quality taper candle to enlighten and illuminate your table and spirit!

Measures: 9" or 13"h x 0.75"dia
Burn Time: 7.5 hours
Sold as a pair of two tapers as shown

Danica Designs have been dipping candles since 1980. They began after apprenticing at a candle factory in the Karlebo, Denmark and now hand-make all their candles in West Rockport, Maine.

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