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Linen Napkin, anthracite gingham
Linen Napkin, anthracite gingham, Napkin, Linge Particulier, Collyer's Mansion - Collyer's Mansion
Linen Napkin, anthracite gingham

Linge Particulier

Linen Napkin, anthracite gingham


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This super soft and cheerfully bright linen napkin makes any table setting look styled, sophisticated, and classically cool! You can have a full set of one color or mix and match among colors and patterns to be wonderfully bold.

Measures: 17.5" x 17.5"
Material: 100% linen
Care: machine wash in water below 85 degrees Fahrenheit max; tumble dry; do not iron
Sold individually


Linge Particulier is a 100% washed home linen brand based in France.