Arabesque Yellow Gold Square Pillow

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With an excess of elegance and moxie, this stunning Lisa Corti throw pillow is here to enliven your home! You'll see that this pillow works with any design - from minimalist to maximalist, from classic to contemporary - and will add incredible color and style to your sofa or bed!

Size 24 x 24
Style With Insert

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Measures: 24"w x 24"l

Cover Material: Cotton

Cover Care: Machine wash cold; do not soak

Style: The process of hand printing makes each piece unique. The discontinuity of the design is inherent and inseparable from the printing process.

This throw pillow can be purchased with or without the insert. If purchasing with insert, your order includes an insert with 95% feather and 5% down.

Lisa Corti designs fabrics used to create beautiful and colorful home furnishings. The design process begins with Lisa in Milan and continues through production in India by skilled artisans using the ancient block print technique.

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