Navy Constellation Quilt

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This gorgeous constellation quilt is a work of usable art! Perfect to hang on your wall as a tapestry or throw over your bed for a bit of whimsical flair. Each quilt is handmade and the embroidered gold stars depict the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere and feature constellations like the Big and Little Dipper, Gemini, Orion, Leo, and Taurus. French knots are used to render the Milky Way as a tactile field that sweeps across the quilt design.

Size Queen

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Queen Quilt: approx. 86” square (shown on queen bed)

Material: 100% cotton

Care: Dry clean only

Haptic Lab is an interdisciplinary design studio founded by Brooklyn architect Emily Fischer in 2009. Specializing in tactile and sensory design, their custom handmade objects and spaces are designed to playfully explore the sense of touch and feel.

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