The Nest Tea Towel

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This wonderfully whimsical tea towel features a collaboration with French artist Nathalie Lété. Exemplifying contemporary elegance and inviting the charm of nature into the kitchen, this tea towel is perfect for someone with a penchant for vintage modern, an eye for unconventional style, a fondness for woodland animals or a love for all things natural.

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Measures: 27.5"l x 19.75"w

Materials: 100% European linen

Care: Machine wash and hot iron

Sold as a single tea towel

Avenida Home accessories are created in a studio in Bath, England and are made by skilled local people and artisans in small family-owned factories in the UK and Europe. They also work with exceptional artists and designers to create Avenida’s exclusive pieces, wherein a design might start out as a painting or as an illustration before it adorns a unique piece of homeware.

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