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Transformers Home Edition: Stylish Multipurpose Products

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You know us New Yorkers - we are not known for being frivolous. We like to cross the street before the light has turned, we like our favorite neighborhood restaurant that never has a wait, and we like to drop off our dry cleaning, pick up groceries, and run to the bank all in a two block radius. We love efficiency! Since we are able to get that much milage out of a single errand trip, we expect our homes to be equally multifaceted. In order to achieve such operational excellence, you have to have pieces in your home that can fill more than one role. Today we put together our Transformers Home Edition: our favorite pieces that can be used in your home in many different ways. Once you see how versatile these products are, they might just go to the top of your must-have list.


The Moroccan Pouf

When a product is so stylish and functional, it's no wonder why it became so popular. The Moroccan Pouf is the perfect example of an incredibly flexible piece that also encapsulates bohemian style. First, since we're obsessed with our transformer pieces, the three ways in which a Moroccan Pouf can be used to make your life so much easier. First, most people look to the pouf as an ottoman. It is the perfect height to pair with any chair so you can prop those legs up and kick back for a relaxing night. Second, when you have a professionally stuffed one like ours, they are dense enough to sit on! So, for that puzzle party or casual soiree you are hosting this year, grab a Moroccan Pouf for swing seating when you need it. Last but not least, pair the pouf with a tray and use it as a coffee table. Your pouf is the perfect place to display your appetizers or just to use as an extra table with space for drinks. With the Moroccan Poufs, come for the beautiful leather with contrast stitching and stay for all the different ways you'll use the pouf in your home.


The Impactful Mirror

If you have wall space and you need the function of a mirror, you are in just the right position to utilize our second home transformer: the impactful mirror. The first function of an impactful mirror is.. well, being a mirror! Use it to put that last piece of hair into place or to check that outfit one more time. You can never have too many mirrors (I have 4 in my one bedroom apartment!) But, the second function of an impactful mirror is that of wall art. It fills the wall space, it opens the room, and it creates a nice textured and dynamic look when paired with different pieces of wall art. A design-forward mirror is the perfect pairing of beauty and function.


The Handcrafted Pitcher

We are all familiar with pitchers! They are a great way to share beverages in a family-style meal so you don't have to keep getting up to refill glasses. I couldn't be more of a fan of a pitcher of water on the table even just for a dinner of two. But, what I also love about a beautiful pitcher is that is can play double duty as a stunning vase when needed. Your favorite florals on sale? Grab a bunch and use that handcrafted pitcher as a vase. Or, hosting another party and want a different centerpiece? Use that pitcher to mix up the style and give your table a fresh look. And, don't worry, even with the handle, we are sure your guests won't mistake the flowers for water!


Honorable Mention: The Secret Apron

When talking about multifunctional products, we just had to include this one! All the other pieces showcase how each of those types of products can be used in multiple ways. But, this transforming product is exclusive to this one only: the dishtowel that turns into an apron! This dishtowel comes with two strings on the end so that you can quickly wrap it around your waste and get back to your cooking duties. Not all dishtowels can turn into aprons but we suggest you get yourself some that can!



Don't you just love when you get so much out of one product?

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