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Eva Moari

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After a degree in Art History, the Paris-based Eva Moari obtained a diploma in cabinet making from the Ecole Boulle, where she was trained in cabinetry. Passionate about design and production, she went on to work for a music label (Tigersushi) and later for a fashion research studio (in Antwerp, Belgium) before devoting herself to digital and multimedia production. Meanwhile, Eva started creating her own clothes and discovered a passion for embroidery.Since 2012, under the care of Ms. Gingembre, Eva has been learning the Luneville hook, an embroidery technique used in the French haute couture. In 2014, she left the ​​realm of production to work fully in the arts. She currently accompanies the work of the French artist Julien Colombier while focusing on her embroideries. Eva deploys her imagination through the tip of her needle, drawing her imagery from the unconsciousness of dreams. Working with relief, texture and shapes, she reinterprets everyday musings by inventing her own color range of personal symbols. Alongside her collaborative efforts in which Eva combines her talents as an embroiderer with that of other artists, she is currently developing personal works on a more ambitious scale.

Eva Moari
Avelina, 2015
Embroidery on stretched canvas
14" x 11"


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