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Samuel Ashford

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Samuel Ashford is a native of New York City, a place where streets and strays prevail. He decided early on that streets are stages and strays are guardians who watch the city day and night; creating its reality. In 2007 he found a series of photographic slide archives, a pile of images that expands and contracts to this day. This collection takes on different meanings and purposes through the stories conjured by photographs in sequence. In this dynamic of collecting and examining, he has compelled comparisons to emerge that embody the intertwining of facts and myth, of writing and image. He has then developed these comparisons into public presentations; beginning with the slide lecture format and pressing it into other tools of theater, song and incantation. He attempts to bring forward situations where sense is absent and brings nonsense to where there is too much.

Samuel Ashford
Sister 1
Oil on wood
33 x 25"


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