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Moroccan Leather Pouf, silver

Moroccan Prestige

Moroccan Leather Pouf, silver


These imported Moroccan poufs are the perfect playful, easy, yet chic, accent for any room!  Hand dyed and sun dried leather exterior, filled with cotton blend for durability and comfort.

Measures: 20"dia x 14"h
Handmade in Marrakesh using artisanal techniques passed from generation to generation
Custom orders available upon request

Moroccan Prestige is known for its distinguished selection of contemporary and authentic Moroccan Furniture and accessories. Inspired by the breezy beaches of Casablanca, the serenity of the riads in Marrakesh, and the imperial elegance of Fes, Moroccan Prestige brings a piece of Morocco’s allure into your function while fostering their goal of supporting the artisans who handcraft their products.