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Artist Spotlight: A conversation with Carly Beck

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Carly BeckIt came to my attention recently that I know so much about many of the artists, individuals, and small companies we work with, and thought you might like to get to know them too!  First up on our list, is one of my dear friends, favorite collaborators, and favorite painters, the witty, whimsical, and incredibly gifted Carly Beck!
You are originally from Kansas, what was it like growing up there? When did you come to New York and what brought you here?  I grew up in the center of it all--Wichita, Kansas. The sky was so big it made the sunflowers look like dandelions.  Tornados often forced my family into the basement where we'd pass the time wondering if we'd be blown away--or if we'd ever get a GAP.

 You worked in the fashion industry for a while, what was that like, and how did that lead to what you are doing now?  Fashion brought me to NYC.  I started off at Diane von Furstenberg.  Working for fashion designers allowed me to explore different points of view in prints, fabrics and color.  I collected all that imagery and use it in my paintings. 

 Who are some of your favorite designers? Favorite artists?  Favorite designers: Marc Jacobs, Vivetta, Jane Mayle and WHIT.  Favorite artists: Gustav Klimt, Edward Hopper and Grandma Moses

Your whimsical pet portraits and prints are very popular here at Collyer's Mansion, how did the idea for those come about?  The CM collaboration was born from my love of fashionable animals and grand interiors.

We love our Carly Beck for Collyer's Mansion Collection! From coasters and trays to puzzles and wallpaper, what is your favorite thing from the collaboration? What would you like to see next?  
My favorite piece from the CM collab is the Lord Emmett tray and coaster--I knew him and he was great.  Next I would like to see 18th century Masquerade ball animals.



What is your favorite room in your home and why? Any favorite objects with a special meaning?  
My favorite room in my house is my living room.  I love the gallery wall.  Each piece holds a special memory.  

You recently moved back to NYC after living in LA for a few years, what do you miss about LA? And how about when you were in LA, what did you miss about NYC?  
I moved back to NYC over the summer after living in LA for a few years.  I miss the light the most, but missed the moodiness of NYC.  They are both hugely inspirational cities with so much to offer.





Artist Carly Beck Paintings

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