Designer Pillows for a Colorful Home Decor look at Collyer's Mansion

3 Ways to Curate a Colorful Pillow Look

Posted by Kate Mannering on

If you're like us, you love color! And you feel like print and pattern brings life to your home. But, your larger pieces are more of the neutral variety. That's where pillows come in (and we really love pillows!) We created three of our favorite pillow looks based off of some tried and true ways to curate a styled sofa. 
Mustard pillow with Utopia Goods pillow on Gunner Sofa at Collyer's Mansion
Artwork, textiles, and rugs are all great areas from which you can draw inspiration. Rather than try to match it, find what you love most about it and bring that out. We loved the bold and bright colors of the artwork and looked to bring in pillows that accentuated those striking pieces. We found saturated pillows (like that amazing mustard lumbar!) and soft floral patterns with deep colors to make this room feel special and lively.
Designer Pillows with Rebecca Atwood and Fermoie  pillow at Collyer's Mansion
Can't get one pillow out of your mind? That's a great starting point! We loved the tangerine stripe paired with the soft blue - it was the perfect combination of warm and cool tones to set the vibe for the sofa. We then replicated those warm and cool tones throughout and brought in a soft mustard pillow and a natural linen pillow to wonderfully pull those two sides together.
Blue Pillow look with ikat and floral and navy vine on Gunner Sofa at Collyer's Mansion
A color is just speaking to you - you can't get enough of it. We get it! And you can still create that cool and styled look by going monochrome. Find hues within that color and use prints and patterns to really make it styled. This larger navy vine sits nicely with the smaller graphic Ikat and the smaller floral for a design-forward aesthetic. 

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