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Design Services

Beginning the Process

Initial Consultation: 2 - 4 hours
We begin our process with a home consultation wherein we meet with you in your space to get a feel for your aesthetic and what you are looking to achieve.  We brainstorm and discuss the layout of the space, furniture arrangements, advise on what to keep/replace, make suggestions of pieces or items that might be useful or helpful, artwork placement, and more!  This consultation can last anywhere from 2- 4 hours.

Post Consultation Follow-up: 1 - 2 hours
After our initial consultation, we put together applicable documents that will provide a guide and starting point for the project. These documents may include an outlined action plan, mood boards, and/or drawings.

Types of Projects

New Renovation
New renovations are projects in which we work with or weigh in on decisions you make with your contractor involving cabinetry, hardware, tiling, flooring, paint colors, and more. We also work with you on creating a floor plan and selecting all aspects of furnishing from lighting fixtures to furniture, rugs, pillows, accessories, artwork, and more!

Refresh projects are ones in which you are looking to update your existing home. For example, you can be transitioning a single room from a current bedroom and making it into an office. Refresh projects can also be updating the furnishings and accessories in several rooms - new sofa, rugs, pillows, throws, artwork, bedding, etc. These types of projects often incorporate sourcing specific furniture pieces as well as following up with an installation day wherein we style the room(s) with thoughtfully curated textiles and accessories throughout.

Resources and Inquiry

We have a wealth of resources including all of the vendors and artists we work with through our store, but we are not limited to this.  We also source from other shops and companies in the city and online as well as artisans and makers with which we have developed relationships. If you are interested in speaking with the Collyer’s Mansion team about a project you may have, please email us at