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Interior Styler at Collyer's Mansion - Interior Styling Services

Mauri Weakley is the driving creative force behind Collyer’s Mansion since she founded the brick and mortar store in 2012. The Tennessee native began her design career in New York as a visual merchandiser for a downtown clothing label, and learned the trade from industry icons. She continued to build her collection of rare, vintage finds and developed a loyal customer base of style editors and designers, all the while cultivating her knowledge of textiles and prints. Interior styling was a natural progression, and Collyer’s Mansion has become a carefully-sourced destination for luxurious, worldly home items and design inspiration. Mauri approaches her projects with spot-on instincts for scale, spatial planning and balance to create environments that make you and your home glow.


Interior Styler at Collyer's Mansion - Interior Styling Services Claire Berenblum honed her craft as a fine-arts major at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but her education in interiors began at an early age. Growing up in a culturally diverse environment, with a Uruguayan mother and Argentine father, Claire was instilled with a deep appreciation for objects, art, travel and design. Aesthetics were a valued trait, and Claire later developed her skills in painting and fibers, weaving and hand dyed fabrics, and has a knack for mixing mediums in unexpected new ways. With a professional background in visual merchandising and high-end home goods, Claire is exceptionally detail oriented. She gravitates towards sumptuous materials and the fine, finished elements in a room. She perfectly balances Mauri’s inspired, big-picture vision while they execute a project from inception to installation.